Burns Associates

Development Consultancy


  •     Research

  •     Evaluation and monitoring

  •     Facilitation

  •     Teaching/ Training

  •     Coaching/ Mentoring

  •     Leadership Development

  •     Action Learning Facilitation

  •     Training Needs analysis and workforce development

  •     Designing training

  •     Change Management

  •     Organisational Development

  •     Strategic and Business Planning

  •     Reviewing staff and management structures

  •     Policy Development

  •     Advocacy

  •     Partnership Development

  •     Working with Higher Education Institutions

  •     Project Management

  •     Feasibility Studies

  •    Press, Communications & Marketing Support

  •    Event Coordination

  •    Event planning, production and curation



I use action learning and coaching within my consultancy work in various ways, but am also able to provide action learning facilitation to organisations and networks, and coaching to individuals.


Action learning creates a space for reflective learning amongst peers and can assist in individual and organisational development. It is a simple and cost effective means of supporting change and development programmes and enhancing individual performance.


Burns Associates is the vehicle for my work as an independent consultant and the majority of our work is carried out by me with support from Rivca Burns. When a project requires a larger team or a broader range of skills, I work with colleagues whose skills will compliment mine and we are used to dealing with organisations and budgets of all sizes.


Our experience within the arts and cultural sector is diverse and extensive. Our working methods focus on change and transformation and we work closely with clients to determine the best solutions and develop a programme of work that is both cost effective and incorporates the most appropriate approaches and methods. This is evident in the array of services we can offer: